Anne Fenton, Tenor
Martie Gilliam, Lead
Kelly Miller, Bass
Susan Scyphers, Baritone


Flair! Quartet enjoys performing for every venue and the flexibility of our members allows us to provide a unique collection of music for our performances.  At the Heart of the Blue Ridge Region 14 Competition, Flair! Quartet won the 2016 Novice Quartet Award and was presented with the award by Ozzi Mask.

Our Tenor, Anne Fenton, has been a Sweet Adeline since 2003. While she can reach the highest notes you can imagine, she also fills in as a bass on occasion. She is retired and enjoys spending time with her family. Of course, her favorite thing to do is singing, but she also enjoys reading and traveling.
Our Lead, Martie Gilliam, has been a Sweet Adeline since 2005. Martie sang both baritone and lead in various quartets. She works full time as an IT manager and also likes to read, work crossword puzzles and play hidden object games on the computer. 
Our baritone, Susan Scyphers, has been a Sweet Adeline since 2000.  She has sung in various choruses but this is her first quartet. A teacher by profession, Susan spends most of her time now raising two young children. She loves all kind of music, reading, traveling, and playing any kinds of games.
Our bass, Kelly Miller, has been a Sweet Adeline since 2012. This is her first quartet. She has worked for 32 years with Verizon, and enjoys hiking, traveling and the beach. Most of all, she believes “It’s all about that bass!”
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