Our Quartets

Rehearsal Location: 

Vienna-Falls Quartets competing at the 41st Annual Regional Convention

Region 14 Heart of the Blue Ridge

Our Quartets 2016

Being a competitive chorus, we are super proud of all of our quartets that competed this spring at our annual regional convention. The Vienna-Falls Chorus put five registered quartets on the stage in 2016!

  • Up All Night won second place (red ribbon).
  • Our newest quartet Flair! brought home the Ozzi Mask Novice Quartet Award!

If you have the chance to hear any of our quartets sing in various venues around Fairfax County or anywhere in the DC metro area, you will quickly learn how much these ladies love to ring chords and bring that beautiful barbershop sound to your ears!

Some quartets are available for hire; check their pages linked below for contact information.

Capital Reunion Flair!   Sound Advice Unchained Harmony Uncut Up All Night