Ginger Albertson , Tenor
Martie Gilliam, Lead
Kelly Miller, Bass
Beth Kimlick, Baritone

Refections Quartet began in January 2018 and with only 8 rehearsals arrived at the Regional Contest stage winning a fourth-place medal.  All are members of the Vienna-Falls Chorus. Singing Tenor is Ginger Albertson, section leader and Associate Director; Lead - Martie Gilliam; assistant section leader;  Bass - Kelly Miller, co-section leader and Baritone - Beth Kimlick, section leader and choreographer. Beth also serves the Region as a coach and mentor to individual singers, quartets and choruses.  These ladies all come from different walks of life. Ginger is an elementary school music teacher; Martie works for a government contractor and has her own business performing services for small businesses; Kelly works for Verizon – ask her about her job sometime, it's quite unusual; and Beth is an Educational Advocate.