Sound Advice

Sound Advice 2010 Champions Region 14
Beth Kimlick, Baritone 
Bonnie Ashley, Bass 
Carrie Bodoh, Lead 
Ginger Albertson, Tenor
Sound Advice often performs on shows, gives customized performances at various meetings and functions, and even delivers singing Valentines, Christmas cards and Birthday cards - in person or over the telephone. For performance and information requests: call (703) 273-0317
Sound Advice in performance
A little about the members of Sound Advice: 
Our tenor, Ginger, is an elementary school music teacher and mom of 3. She is the Vienna-Falls chorus' Associate Director and was also director of a chorus while living in Hawaii. After years of following her Army-Orthopedic-surgeon husband all over the world, she has managed to get him to retire from the Army and stay in one place for more than 3 years. 
Bonnie, bass, is the empty-nester of the group, having figured out how to keep her 2 grown children from returning home to live off Mom and Dad. She even works part-time FOR her son's construction business. Being the wife of a retired Fairfax County Police Officer, Bonnie has the job of making sure we do everything "by the book." 
Carrie, when not singing lead, spends her time being mom to Sarah and Ryan and working part-time for a non-profit doing aviation research. She is also the barberbrat of the group, having grown up watching her Barbershopper father in many a show and competition.
Beth has sung with choruses in Japan, California, as well as with Vienna-Falls. In addition to being Sound Advice's baritone and Vienna-Falls' choreographer, Beth is an advocate and educator for families of children iwth special needs, specializing in sensory integration and autism spectrum disorders. Although not all of Beth's 3 kids live at home anymore, they are all in the area and are frequently found at her house - usually looking for something from inside the fridge. 
Although they all come from different backgrounds, the one thing they have in common outside of singing is motherhood, having 10 children among them. Giving "sound advice" is one thing they all agree on - but don't ask their kids....they already know it all.  
Sound Advice has been singing together since 1999, and is the 2010 champion for SAI Region 14 . All four members are also Vienna-Falls chorus musical leaders and even coach other choruses and quartets throughout the region. Yet through it all, all four have managed to remain married to their first husbands, all of whom are left-handed. What are the odds of that?

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