Unchained Harmony

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Lori Greenlief, Tenor
Mary Margaret Prange, Lead
Su Hallenbeck, Bass 
Carol Kaltenbaugh, Baritone
The quartet started in the summer of 2007, and since then we have had way more fun than the law allows! Our rehearsals are full of fun, laughter, and one-liners that leave us gasping for air. Fortunately, we also learn a lot of music and enjoy any opportunity to sing together.

Lori is the newest member of the quartet, but she's not new to barbershop.  She has sung barbershop harmony for 17 years, all of it with Vienna Falls, has competed numerous times on the International stage with the chorus, and has sung in a couple other quartets.  She has always sung tenor - except for that brief time when she lost her mind and sang baritone (no offense, Carol!).  When Lori isn't singing, you can find her playing guitar poorly, sitting in Tysons traffic, or being walked on the trails of Reston by her Chihuahua, Reba.

As the youngest member of the quartet, and the one newest to barbershop, Mary Margaret shows her musical skills every time she is on stage. Although she has only been singing barbershop since 2006, she trained as an opera singer while in college and has been playing piano since the age of 8. Her powerful and pure voice is a sheer joy to hear!

Su found barbershop completely by accident in 2001, and now can't imagine life without it. She has sung in two other choruses and competed at International with the Greater Harrisburg Chorus in 2006. She has also sung in two other quartets, but notes that the 'laugh level' of Unchained Harmony far exceeds anything else she's ever experienced. Su is currently taking classes in improvisational comedy, so watch out when she takes the microphone to MC for the quartet!

Carol Kaltenbaugh remembers being enchanted with American music since childhood as she enjoyed listening to her uncle playing ragtime piano, the Buffalo Bills harmonizing in "The Music Man," and the captivating harmonies of the Beach Boys and Jan & Dean (OK, not only American stuff, as she was a huge, screaming fan of the British Invasion bands). She has been singing barbershop since 1995, and considers membership in Sweet Adelines and with Unchained Harmony to be her personal contribution to historic preservation.